1998-2015 // Short Film // 6min (Super 8)

In 1998 I decided I wanted to be a filmmaker. I bought a Super 8 camera, 4 rolls of B&W film, and brought together several friends in Memphis, TN proposing we all make a movie together. I called up three friends who were accomplished local theatre actors by the name of Clare Grant, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Allison Glass. For each it was their first ever roles on film. We shot over a weekend, and the film was shipped off and developed immediately. We'd often watch the unedited footage on the walls of various Midtown Memphis houses on a janky Super 8 projector that often chewed up and burned holes in the one and only copy of the prints that existed. 

And that was that. 

It would be another 4 to 5 years before I continued to make films....this time on digital camcorders, projected on fancy digital projectors. The film spools from my first project lay unedited in boxes that moved from one house to another throughout my late teens and twenties in Memphis. 

Flash forward to 2012, now four feature films later, I was working with good friend & collaborator Craig Brewer remastering and recutting his first film, The Poor & Hungry. When I told Craig about these old films of mine he immediately offered to help get them remastered. With brand new HD scans of the film, I cut together the footage, Craig wrote a narration which was spoken by Allison Glass and Valentine Leonard, I slapped on some titles and music, and voila! Nearly 18 years later... here it is in all it's grainy glory. 

The film stars Clare GrantGinnifer GoodwinAllison GlassMaesie SpeerBeth McAdams HaleCaleb TinkleElizabeth Lytle much of it shot by Burke Raby.

**This is a 100% profit free venture intended solely as tribute to the excited feisty kids we were with big dreams of making great art and living life to the fullest